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In a Nutshell…

I was watching a wonderful BBC documentary called "Faster than the Speed of Light?" online the other day, doing my usual thing of getting excited about the things that "were right on track" and those that "were off the mark," when I realized just how much my NDE experience shapes my intuition and cognitive recognition of what I consider to be "facts."

Since the NDE, as I have stated beforehand, there is not so much a body of complete, totally evolved concepts with an accompanying standard of scientific data to support them. Rather, there are myriad concepts that are cobbled together by the standards of my current understanding of terms, theory, and discoveries, which makes explaining the knowledge I was given to anyone else, difficult at best. Even more maddening, is that I often find myself knowing that something is wrong or right, without know why.

To say that this is frustrating, especially knowing that both science and religion are close, but yet on different paths to the same conclusion, is an understatement. Furthermore, it is very unsettling to know the answers without being able to fully explain them. It is tantamount to trying to explain complex directions to someone in a foreign language.

In addition to the language barrier, the wide range of conflicting scientific theories and religious dogma all seem to use their own "slang" and terms of definition when ultimately trying to explain the same things. So, in this case, the challenge becomes not only understanding the concept, but also communicating it in a way that can reach across all of the barriers, real and perceived, in a way that educates, illuminates and mollifies all concerned. No small task…

So, let's try to find a place to start the conversation…

It occurred to me that the best place to begin a "unification of science and religion" is to begin by explaining as best I can, what I know and believe in basic terms. Then, as I move forward in my efforts to broaden the explanations, as well as explain the importance of new discoveries and their correlation to God and this Creation, there is at least a foundation, or a basic road map that brings the intention of this project into focus.

Important terms in a Nutshell

The universal entity that embodies the conscious intelligence that is in everything. GOD IS EVERYTHING seen, unseen, in this universe and beyond…in this time/space, and in every other universe in creation.

The mere power of the word, and whether to type the word in caps or lowercase, is itself a reflection of the thousands of years of ritual and dogma that go along with trying to understand "something bigger than ourselves." The fact that almost no organized religion, whether it be the "Top Four Favorites" (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism) has the same definition of God (yes, I type it in caps out of respect for the concept), is at the base of why the religions disagree (sometimes to the death) with the specific definition of how their supreme being looks and behaves.

At the base of most popular scientific thought and theory is an adamant declaration that God is not needed in the elegant mathematics of the universe, and that creation is not only a myth, but a random act of an infinite number of "cosmic dominos" lining up in just the right way to create what we know as our current reality.

I do not believe in the God of traditional religions. I do not believe in a God who sits on a throne and decides who lives and who dies, what the weather is like on any given day, or if an asteroid or flood should be used as a "reset button" for His experiment in self gratification (as the God of traditional religions seems very needy of constant praise and thanks in order to keep the relationship He has with his followers intact).

I also do not believe in order out of random chaos, or that "nothing existed" before the Big Bang. For reasons that should be extremely obvious by this point, I believe strongly in an afterlife, though not in the "harps and heaven" mode, or even just simply the "energy is eternal and is in everything" concept, without a unification of consciousness and some sense of personality that goes with it.

How do I know these basic things? I know them because, they were revealed during my NDE. Like it or not, what I was able to see and feel during this experience was evidence enough that at least the basic precepts of what I just stated are true.

I died…if for only a very short time in our "space time." I went to another place, where I communicated with another being of infinite intelligence, that needed no clear face or body, but was clearly real in every sense that one knows another being or other aspect of creation to be real. I was without body, but whole in my conscious self, in a way that allowed me to know that while I was still "me" I was also part of "everything" that was, is, or ever shall be…outside of time.

While the "Big Picture" of our reality in this and other universes was revealed later in the experience, there is no doubt whatsoever that the mere revelation that there is in fact a universal entity that is part of everything in existence, and is in fact FAR more amazing, majestic, awe-inspiring, and powerful than even the most elaborate descriptions of a traditional "God in Heaven" could ever be, was both comforting and humbling.

And yet…knowing that we are part of this universal entity was empowering and comforting. It wasn't the traditional "Father/Child" role in any sense. It was not a matter of a child being told to obey, to follow, to be humbled in the presence of "The Lord," but rather an admonishment to know the freedom of accepting that we already know innately what we need to know. And, that our actions and intentions here on this earthly existence, are measured not only through the outcome or result, but also by the impact that the intention has on the universe.

It is the energy and the resulting influence on everything and everyone in our existence that matters, not just the measurable result here in this life. Karma, recognition of Sin, Penance, Forgiveness, are all traditional terms of religion, which in fact explain the "Physics of the Soul" that ultimately shape reality.

What is God? Rather than a thing, a person, or a process, it is most likely that God is pure consciousness, and that we are fragments of that larger consciousness, living an existence based on the most important aspect of our reality; Free Will. This comes from an intuitive place that is still finding allies and evidence in both the worlds of Physics and Faith (Phaith?), but is more and more coming to into focus as the most clear definition of "the One who cannot be described."

However, for the sake of trying to explain the road map in terms that can be universally understood, it is best to describe reality in terms that are already widely accepted. Hence the use of the word "God."

Is an indefinable act, either by terms of the "Big Bang" or "And then there was light" or any other number of creation myths. The idea that there was "nothing before the big bang" is as narrow-minded and silly as "God Created the World in 7 days."

However, one of the key components of nature of light, is that aspects of it are both wave and particle, and are not only the one constant in this physical world, but also has no measurable weight or discernable mass, making it one of the most "unknown" but critical aspects of our existence. Sounds familiar?

While the events that followed the Big Bang, and the observed evolution of events that followed are part of the story, it is the rest of reality that we are not able to observe that are more important to the reality of our creation.

And perhaps, that is where this definition needs to begin… Our Creation, the creation of this time/space/universe is not the only creation that matters. More so, what we can see, touch, feel, and measure, is a small part of the REST of creation. So, for Hawking, or any other theorist to state that "there was nothing before the Big Bang," makes them a science bigot in the same way that someone whose ignorance makes them say and believe, "God created the earth in 7 days, and did so 6,000 years ago."

Theories abound, and one of the newest, and one that fills some of the gaps in the current physics models, is that everything we see, touch, feel, experience, is nothing more than digital information, and that time/space and most everything in this measurable universe, is tantamount to a computer simulation. When science fiction begins to be more plausible than current Newtonian physics and "Standard Model Evolution," you know that there is something far more amazing than "high school chem./bio" in action.

There is far more to reality than our simple dimension of time/space. While Einstein's theories work well to describe standard relativity in this universe (bound by Newtonian physics), they do little to explain the "Rest of Creation" including that which is outside of our space and time. What Einestein described as "spooky science" when trying to make sense of experiments in Quantum Physics that defied the Standard Model, is now becoming the NEW standard for understanding "Creation."

The interconnected subatomic grid that allows instant (in fact outside of time) communication between everything in creation. Described by countless particle physicists and quantum scientists, in myriad ways from "the ether," "dark matter," to a "grid of particle entanglement," I have usurped Lynn McTaggart's term as the best description of what I originally would describe as "the cosmic blanket."

Right after my NDE, in my first excited attempts to describe what I had learned (and long before actual discoveries in theoretical physics to support it) I would describe the universe as being held together with a "cosmic blanket" that connected everything in the universe like a grid for communication. Everything was a "fiber" in this blanket, interwoven together, not so much as described in the movie "the Mattrix," which spoke of the creation of our sense of reality in a field of digital zeros and ones, but more as a vast interconnected grid (more like the Internet) that not only allows communication, but in fact is woven into the very fabric of our reality.

Now, these many years later, science and physics have begun to "catch up" with the initial information that I was seeking following my NDE. What is being revealed, is that in the strange world of quantum physics, communication between particles at varying distances is taking place through "quantum entanglement," (at instantaneous speeds that defy the speed of light as a barrier) and further evidence that intention, observation, recording of events, can shape and alter outcomes of results, and even the very nature of the particle. The implication is huge here, in that this implies that every fiber of existence, particularly if it is digital information at is core, is communicating in the "NOW" with every other fiber of existence, and may carry the same building blocks of consciousness that make almost every aspect of this reality, and those outside of this space/time, sentient aspects of a greater consciousness.

WHEW!! So…maybe you can understand why "the cosmic blanket" was a metaphor that worked for me in the beginning!

God, the afterlife, birth, death, and all of the other mysteries of our existence and beyond, have a direct correlation to the amazing reality of quantum mechanics and physics in and outside of our universe. As we are all made of the same "star dust" so too are we all imbued with the same connectedness to the greater being, the universal consciousness that is God.

In this way, every action, every intention, every relationship we share, not only with the people, but other parts of our existence, have a correlation to the rest of reality. Positive and negative energy play a continual balance game, a push-pull battle, to keep our universe and others related to our universe in alignment. As with standard Newtonian physics, the quantum world also reflects a cause and effect cycle, which can drive the energy, or the consciousness of our planet and expanded universe into states of panic, chaos, and confusion, or can benefit from directed intention, trust, love and release, that can bring our reality into a balanced state of harmony.

Like no other word, this one is loaded with division. On one hand, we are told to have faith in God, and His all-powerful ability to know what is best for us, good and bad. Science ridicules religion as being myth-based, and unable to be proven, so it can't truly exist. Scientific method calls for discovery, but also in the ability for repeatable, proven outcomes. Something is theory, until it can be proven through replication. However, physics, and most notably particle and quantum mechanics, are based almost entirely on theory. Science has its own standards of "faith" that result in longstanding "laws," at least until a law is disproved, or breaks down under the weight of a new discovery.

But, just like the raging wars of rhetoric (and sometimes physical violence) between those whose faiths clash in religious cultures, the beliefs, and "faith" of the different disciplines of science, are equally contentious.

Faith, and a staunch adherence to any faith, without keeping an open mind is a dangerous and unproductive path to take. It is this religious and scientific bigotry that keeps all of us separated from what should and could be greater enlightenment and enrichment of all of the factions.

Faith is a many-edged sword that should be used carefully. Faith, and intuition should never be confused. However, without faith--the ability to believe in somethhing in which you don't fully understand--many if not all of the greatest scientific discoveries know to mankind would not have happened. Einstein's general theories on relativity, as well as countless theories in Quantum physics, were born of the "faith" that these great minds knew that something in the "standard model" and other "laws of science" that just didn't add up for them.

In fact, it is the "faith" that quantum mechanics is real, even without understanding much of the framework of WHY it works, that allows you to be reading these words. Quantum theory, is at the basis of how the Internet works, how cell phones and myriad other digital devices work, even though we don't completely understand why. We have learned to harness the results, without learning the complete inner workings of how we come to those results. But it is the FAITH in the outcome, to be correct 999 out of 1,000 times, that allows a concept/theory to become an appliance.

As important as anything learned or taught, intuition, the innate and immediate knowledge or reaction to circumstances and events, is one of the most powerful tools and inherent examples of the role external consciousness plays in our existence. Intuition extends far past "that feeling in your gut" that something is good or bad, wrong or right. It is in fact a burst of cognition from the universal knowledge base and greater consciousness outside of our space/time. In theological faith-based vernacular, it can be described as "the voice of God" or muse in more poetic terms.

Knowing in your heart and soul what is right innately can be stretched to the ability to "intuit" the energy of other people, other beings, other creatures, and even be able to feel the life-force that is woven into everything (animate and inanimate) in this existence.

Intuition is the instant communication fed through "the field," connected to the universal intelligence/consciousness that is God. It is at the basis of our connection with others, including emotions of love, connection, rejection, empathy, disdain, and countless other feelings that make the human experience human. More than any other trait, intuition combined with cognition, allow us to navigate the chaos of modern life, and overcome the fear and confusion that create chaos and "entropy" in the greater digital system.

How often do you intuitively know the correct action, emotion, or reaction to an event, person, or problem, but let your own self-doubts or fear override your initial impulse? Learning to trust your intuition, with the peace and understanding that the gift of Free Will allows you to act in the best interests of the overall system, is at the basis of what our purpose in this life is about.


Without question, there is nothing more contentious in a debate over the details of our reality than that of the term "Free Will." While in almost every nuance of our daily choices between "good and bad," "selfishness or sharing," and "actions for the greater good over self," comes the cross-contamination of theories of predetermination, overarching control by a supreme being, or even being a slave to our genetic or cultural makeup.

One of the most clear messages from my NDE was that "Free Will," is the greatest gift and curse of our existence, as it renders us the "co-creator" in every thought, word and deed in our lives. While it is true that the actions of others, random acts of nature (yes there is randomness in creation), and the effects of mutation, disease and other natural systems run amuck, can effect our path and original intention, it is our Free Will that chooses how we will react, grow and evolve through each process.

The Hebrew word "Timshel" (that is the prevailing theme of Steinbeck's East of Eden) is translated into the phrase, "thou mayest," and speaks of mankind's ability to triumph over sin. To see the ambiguity that can arise from this concept, read the WIKI interpretation of free will and theology, and one is left with the feeling that in most religions, the only "free will" is to choose, "My Way, or the Highway to Hell."

Steinbeck wrote: "There are many millions in their sects and churches who feel the order, 'Do thou,' and throw their weight into obedience. And there are millions more who feel predestination in 'Thou shalt.' Nothing they may do can interfere with what will be. But 'Thou mayest'! Why, that makes a man great, that gives him stature with the gods, for in his weakness and his filth and his murder of his brother he has still the great choice. He can choose his course and fight it through and win." -East of Eden

In my experience, and in the explanations given to me during the NDE, Steinbeck is closest to the truth.

We have the ability at every second (some would even say every Delta-T of time, roughly minus 44 per second" to determine how we respond through our conscious action and intent, to everything that comes in this life. We determine how we react to slights, insults, random acts of nature, and countless other aspects of day-to-day life. We ultimately choose to live our lives in love or fear, the two aspects of conscious light/dark, good/bad, happy/unhappy applications in this reality.

The downfall of most religions, as well as many deterministic views in science, is that the concept that life is outside of our control undermines our own happiness and contentment. It places us in a place of subjugation to a higher power or scientific outcome that is beyond our control.

But, anyone who removes themselves from the microcosm of daily life, and steps back to admit that randomness is a part of nature in every aspect of existence, should also find comfort in the realization that horrible acts of violence, natural disasters, and the like are not a matter of a "Supreme Being" shaking penance out of a sinning world, or proving a point through harming innocents, or even executing a broad master plan that requires good people to die. In fact, it is the randomness of nature, as well as the fact that we who may be created in "His image," (and are at the very least, fragments of the greater whole, that should prove that none of creation is "perfect" in the "Omnipotent Perfect Creator" that resides on the throne of heaven, sense that is pervades most religious myth.

This creation is miraculous. It is more than likely an evolving system of sorts, as we evolve and adapt in our own bodies, ecosystems and universe. If every aspect of creation, both in this space/time and beyond, is woven of the same fabric of consciousness, then our actions and reactions do matter, and ultimately are our CHOICE.

In day-to-day life, it is easy to tell the difference between those who fight upstream with fear, anger, selfishness, and greed, and those who learn to "roll with the punches with a smile," while always finding the best in every situation.

Which direction should you take? The choice is always yours…through Free Will.


Every major religion that is born of ancient writings, beliefs, and mythology, uses Love as the foundation of how we are to live our lives. While some place love of God at the front end of action, most make it clear that at the base action of living a good life is to love one another unconditionally.

The debate about what unconditional love should be in this life is really one derivative of mankind's need to illiterate, obfuscate, and otherwise muddy up simple messages of clear intention, into parsed and extrapolated rules, commandments, and derivative patterns of organization that are unnecessary and often harmful to the original intent. The ambiguity of "love the sinner, hate the sin" should be self-evident. But seems to be the green light of rampant bigotry of every sort in a world ruled by "God fearing good folks."

How simple concepts like "love thy neighbor as thyself," and "take no action that would do harm," can be expanded into thousands of pages of contradictory text, supposedly inspired by God, is an act worthy only of the kinds of institutions that could start from the simple words and actions of prophet who had no church, and devolve into a worldwide organization founded upon multi-billion dollar holdings, extreme architecture, and a leadership who condemn others who do not follow their strict orders, while hiding abysmal sins against children and others in the "service of protecting the faith."

Where is the "Love" in that?

Upon return from the life review during my NDE, one fact rang out immediately through me…there was no "judgment" during the process. In fact, most of the "sins" for which I expected to see rolled out before me, were already deemed to be self-evident, and that the ramification of those sins in this life was "penance" enough to some degree. I know not if the same can be said of murderers, or those who exploit unwitting victims for personal gain. But I suspect there is a greater retribution in the afterlife than the traditional suffering of a fire and brimstone eternal hell.

The actions that I was shown, were those that brought the most pleasure and joy to others (and by association myself), as well as those that caused pain or suffering without my intentions being clear.

Intention. That seems to be the root of true loving action in this life. It is the intention, that of conscious free will to act, which is at the root of whether your action bares the fruit of love or fear.

I once believed that the opposite of love was ambivalence. I knew from my own life that hate was as powerful a shape in one's life as love. But to me, ambivalence, or the patent disregard or recognition of someone, was far more destructive than active hate. Even hate admits the existence of someone, and gives them attention that in many ways prolongs a broken relationship rather than completely ending it.

However, once I started looking at LOVE in the forms of its actions, as opposed to the emotions one feels when in a state of emotional love, I began to realize that the opposite of love was fear.

Consider the actions of love versus the actions of fear.

Fear causes you to remove yourself from others, to distrust others, to become selfish and greedy in order to protect your self-interests and possessions. It creates a subset of limitations based on "what might happen"- as opposed to "what I can do." It emphasizes the "Me" in thoughts/deeds instead of the "We."

Love, and the actions of love, create an evolved outcome. "Becoming love," is a process, not a noun. It is the reduction of fear, isolation, division, and the ego of possession.

It can be explained best by the Three Cs of "Love in Action."

Compassion- Thinking of the needs of others. Embracing the differences, while celebrating the commonality of who we are. Giving freely and unconditionally to others.

Communication- Opening a dialogue, being open to ideas and looking at the same problem from a variety of perspectives.

Cooperation- When the first two actions become actualized in everything we do, cooperative community is what falls out. The power of numbers, the strength of common goals, the collective energy of INTENT comes together in ways that increase order, increase productivity, and increase the quality of our collective consciousness.

Reaching a higher ideal of common freedom, allows empowerment for everyone to contribute, with every part of that contribution becoming vital to the greater evolution of the overall system, can only be accomplished by cooperation--working outside of the "me" and becoming "we." Moving from "them" to "us."

We are weakened when we exclude, when we discount the thoughts, ideas, and concepts of others. We become even weaker and fragmented when we allow the divisiveness of fear and conflicts of cultural ideals to break apart the whole.

By removing the FEAR of "being proven wrong"- getting rid of the ego/possession of ideas/things, we can ultimately be free to evolve. It is a system of trial and error, working through each experience, each decision, toward becoming Love.

Even in the most basic of nature/biology/philosophy/physics terms, a system/unit/cell/soul can only do one of two things; Evolve or Devolve. One guarantees movement, growth, and thriving. The other is a reduction process toward destruction/death/irrelevance. The most secure way in which we secure our survival and evolution, are by cooperative efforts with others- taking advantage of the power of unity, unselfish giving, and the greater good of community.

If through free will we have the choice to reach out, cooperate, and offer unconditional love at every juncture of this life, the greatest sin isn't that of trying and failing, but to sit on the sidelines of life in fear, becoming hardened to an outcome that ultimately becomes outside of your control by your own choosing.

Choose love. LIVE, LEARN and EVOLVE.


These are the basics… these the starting point for a journey that will likely last my lifetime (and perhaps beyond), in a way that I hope will eventually lead to a unification of religion and science.

It is my belief that until we break down the barriers of dogmatic, rigid, belief structures, be they faith-based or scientific, we are doomed to remain segmented and emotionally disconnected in ways that will only create further chaos. By breaking down the barriers, and finding a common language, with the common goals of using our knowledge to uplift all within this creation, to enlighten and embolden those who now cower in fear of "the great unknown," we can find universal similarities that will join, rather than separate, all in this creation.

If nothing else…we will never again fear death. We may never again need to wonder "is there something after this life?" We may never again be suppressed by the dogmatic rhetoric of organized religion, who use fear, mythology, and subjugation, to control and manipulate their followers. We may also be able to appreciate God, as an infinite entity of knowledge that is every aspect of scientific discovery and definition.

It is my whole-hearted desire, that all religions understand the underpinnings of their foundation, to a point that they can embrace the science that supports the wonder and glory of creation. It is equally my desire that those of science, can finally stop being compelled to rule out a greater power and universal intelligent who may have a hand in this amazing creation that they work so hard to describe and explain, while leaving out some of the most exciting aspects of this reality.

Both can and SHOULD co-exist. As always…the answers include the best of God and Science…but are beyond the common, if I might say, intellectually lazy barriers that the faith in both pursuits seem to extol.