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As I have stated in the prologue, I am doing this site for a variety of reasons, the least of which is simply to continue my own exploration into the big questions of life.

There is no financial goal or plan. If, or when this project goes into some book form or multimedia form that is sold, it will be at a cost-only basis and not for profit.

If for no other reason, I am hoping to open dialogue, ask questions, and find answers, while exploring and communicating with those who have had NDEs, are on their own scientific or faith-based journey, or are looking to solve their own questions about our existence here, and beyond.

I am not looking to convert, but to inform, so that you may draw your own opinions. It is my hope that through open exploration, we might find the similarities in our existence, that will help bring down the barriers that continue to exist between all of us.

I am beyond "middle age." I have died once. It was either this or becoming a model railroad enthusiest. One can only play so much golf.

Patric Miller
Eugene, Oregon


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