Patric Miller Expanded Bio

Since 1979, Patric Miller has been involved in several businesses, projects, and collaborations with a focus on broadcasting, music, multimedia design, and writing.

In the 80s, his advertising agency, Marketing Solutions was an award winning production house for large electronic retailers, and electronic music manufacturers.

In the late 80s, Patric's passion for music and technology came together to become "a side career" as a soundtrack composer, studio producer, and engineer, including projects for Will Vinton Claymation (the Emmy Award Winning "Claymation Christmas Celebration" including an album on Atlantic Records), Nordic Trac, Korg Keyboards, Roland Keyboards, Ensoniq Keyboards, and Fostex Recorders.

During the 90s, Patric's interests in computers, music, desktop publishing, and the Internet created opportunities in marketing, Radio Broadcast Consulting, the creation of a Music News publication, as well as the launching of one of the first Online Streaming Music Formats for the Internet.

In 1999, Patric started his current company, Access NTR LLC, an Internet applications/marketing services/marketing consulting company focusing on small market radio broadcasters. Access NTR LLC currently services clients across 41 States. In 1995, Patric's Near Death Experience created a new life-long journey of discovery, resulting in another side project, This is his attempt to help unify common language and understanding between the worlds of physics and faith. Working with some of the leading writers and researchers in the study of external consciousness and after life experiences, Patric hopes to create a multimedia clearing house for actions of Compassion, Community, and Cooperation.

Beyond his ever-widening list of interests, business pursuits, side projects, and music, Patric is the father to five daughters, grandfather to 4 grand childre, and dovoted husband to his wife and partner, Debbie Miller.

Oh...and he is addicted to golf.