What I know-vs-What WE know

What I know... the process...


Much of what is contained within this project is considered "Scientific Fact" while some is in fact just "what I know."

The distinction for me is a hazy line between what the latest science has been able to theorize, and what I innately know to be true after my NDE experience. Again, I don't understand the scientific equations involved, as much as I simply understand which theories are true.

Like it or not...sorry, that's just how this works. Faith/Reality/Intution...all similar words in the vocabulary of my understanding of "what is."

When watching the plethora of current documentaries and science series about Quantum Mechanics, Astro Physics, and related fields, my poor wife has grown tired of me saying, "that's not right!" or "they're getting close!" as if calling the plays at a college football game. However, there is simply no way to explain or repress my glee or disdain for things put forth as "fact" by world-renowned scientists and physicists who often contradict themselves from show to show.

Case in point:

Stephen Hawking hosting an ambiguous hour of a Science Channel Show called "Curiosity: Is there a creator?"

In this hour, Hawking does an admirable job of explaining the nuances of the Big Bang (his favorite child) while weaving the concept of quantum mechanics into his theory, as to how the first singularity could pop into existence without a creator.

He states that "you can't get to a time before the Big Bang, because there was no BEFORE the Big Bang. We have finally found something that doesn't have a cause, because there was no TIME for a cause to exist in. For me, this means there is no possibility for a Creator, because there is no time for a Creator to have existed."

Uhm...sorry Stephen,..in your own show...you disregarded a key fact about quantum mechanics... if you are postulating that the original singularity could have "popped into existence" just the same way that we have observed sub-atomic particles doing so at a quantum level, but then say that nothing could exist before time...you are disproving your own theory about something outside of this space/time. In quantum mechanics, particles have been observed to exist in more than one place, and are now assumed to exist in more than one dimension AT THE SAME TIME...

What's more...there is a growing school of thought that this is a digital simulation, that is merely here, as we percieve it, because our intentions and beliefs demand that it collapse from probability into history. And like it or not...THAT makes more sense than much of the "things we don't know" in Quantum Science and basic evolutionary models.

It seems that every religion, and now science, as its own religion, or anti-religion, continues to limit the possibilities that are behind the true nature of our universe and beyond.

It's what I know...

HOW do I know What I know?

Maybe you should ask "the big guy," "God," "the Infinite Knowledge," "The Larger Consciousness System," "The Creator," or whatever you choose to call the infinite intelligence that permeates this universe and beyond. Because, as I explain, the most clear and resounding effect in my NDE, was the vast knowledge base of innate facts that coursed through my mind upon my return. A mind, that I remind you, was bereft of any interest, much less accumulated knowledge of science, physics, quantum mechanics and more, prior to the experience.

So we are left with two possibilities... Either I was granted a vast knowledge of "what is" through my experience, or EVERYONE has this innate knowledge buried deep within their physical mind and bodies, and we just aren't aware of it. In either case...both facts would be nothing short of miraculous.

And so...It just IS what it IS... love it or hate it.